Digitalni novčanik Bitcoin Wallet and other Digital Bitbox v1.0 crypts

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    The Digital Bitbox is a plug-and-play wallet and second-factor authenticator that combines the highest security of cold storage with the convenience of software wallets.

    Product details

    Offline and anytime backup and recovery with a micro SD card

    Switch between different wallets in a snap.
    Private keys never touch your computer or the internet - learn more
    Native software app that is simple to use

    Avoids security risks of browser-based extensions
    Tor and Tails OS compatible (optional)

    Protects your privacy - simple to set up
    Plausible deniability

    Secondary password accesses a hidden wallet
    A wrong password for a backup creates a different wallet
    Safe hardware

    Portable and durable, epoxy-filled case made from the same material used in bullet-proof glass
    Private keys kept on a high-security chip that prevents physical extraction (50 year lifespan)
    One piece - no cables or batteries
    FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) device

    Works seamlessly in parallel to the hardware wallet
    No additional setup required
    Multi-signature out-of-the-box (optional)

    No registration required
    Quick and simple setup
    Smart verification and two-factor authentication (optional)

    iOS and Android apps
    Open source

    All code - firmware, bootloader, desktop and mobile apps
    Signed, deterministic builds - audit, build, and load official firmware yourself (optional)
    Minimalist design

    Security in simplicity - do what's necessary and do it well
    Subtle case avoids unwanted attention
    Swiss ideals

    Quality, privacy, no backdoors

    Compatible currencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH, ETC in ERC20 tokens) (more to come)
    Single-purpose microcontroller that connects to a computer as a plug-and-play USB device. No drivers required.
    The minimalist design keeps the code as simple as possible, making audits easier and reducing the number of attack vectors
    AES-256-CBC encrypted communication over USB that is immune to glitching and timing attacks
    Two-factor authentication option to prevent man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks
    Erase and reset after 15 failed attempts, eliminating brute force password attacks. If a reset happens by accident, the wallet can be recovered simply by reloading the wallet seed from the micro SD card.
    Capacitive touch button confirmation. Touch briefly to 'reject', and touch longer to 'accept'
    Embedded LED status indicator
    Password protected
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