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Ručne škare za živicu VonHaus 3500236

- Assembled telescopic hedge trimmers - To maintain your garden or give it the perfect finish, assembled telescopic hedge trimmers have been made for you. - Resistant telescopic shears made with high-quality blades are reliable and versatile with a
39,00 € (- 13 %)
33,99 €
Promotivna ponuda

Akumulatorske škare za živicu i travu VonHaus 2500259, 3.6V

If you are looking for compact and lightweight hedge trimmers and lawn edges that allow your garden to be in perfect shape quickly, the latter will be ideal for you. - The 10-centimeter blade with two easily replaceable cutting attachments cuts br
36,77 €
- 1,84 € e-bankarstvom

Set za obrezivanje VonHaus 3500237

- Cutting diameter: Scissors - 230 mm Trimmer - 20 mm Cutter - 40 mm - Dimensions 71.5 cm 29 cm 8 cm - Material Plastic, Aluminum tube, Stainless steel - Color orange, black
49,50 € (- 5 %)
46,99 €
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Svrdlo za zemlju VonHaus 3500190

EASY TO USE The worm screw design makes it easy to dig and is the simplest non-mechanical way to make holes for fence posts, plant plants, small trees or bulbs, mix fertilizers or prepare a hole for mounting a sunshade. - Made of tubular steel -
49,07 €
- 2,45 € e-bankarstvom

Akumulatorski trimer VonHaus F-Series 3500194, 12V

The light and small cordless lawnmower VonHaus F-Series is an indispensable garden tool. It is powered by a 12V MAX 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery and weighs only 2 kg. - Intended for mowing small lawns and quick work. - For added safety, it has a two
66,30 € (- 13 %)
57,99 €
Promotivna ponuda

Električni puhač lišća VonHaus 2500105, 3000W

- The leaf blower is an ideal helper in arranging lawns, terraces and driveways. With an extremely powerful motor, it easily cleans leaves and other debris from your garden. - It works in 3 stages: The blower allows you to gather leaves in a pile; t
72,00 € (- 13 %)
62,99 €
Promotivna ponuda

Akumulatorska vrtna pila VonHaus F-Series 3500192, 12V

The VonHaus F series cordless garden saw is the perfect addition to your garden power tool this year. It is powered by a 12V MAX 10.8V 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery (included). - Suitable for carrying out any garden DIY projects. It has a variable spe
73,65 € (- 14 %)
62,99 €
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Električne škare za živicu VonHaus 2515205, 450W

Don't waste time and energy trimming hedges by hand. With VonHaus electric hedge trimmers, the whole job will be faster, easier and less stressful. Ideal for trimming overgrown hedges, tree branches or shaping shrubs, this trimmer is powered by a
73,65 € (- 12 %)
64,50 €
Promotivna ponuda

Akumulatorske škare za živicu i travu VonHaus F-Series 3500193, 12V

The VonHaus F-Series 2-in-1 cordless lawn and hedge trimmer has exactly what you need to make your garden look pristine. Double blade The tool does double work with half the effort thanks to the double-moving blade. Their fast movement allows for
85,95 € (- 19 %)
69,99 €
Promotivna ponuda

Akumulatorske škare za živicu i travu VonHaus 2500257, 7.2V

With a 170 mm long pruning blade and a 90 mm wide grass trimmer that can be easily replaced with a click without tools, you can change blades quickly and efficiently according to your needs. - The 2-in-1 design allows you to convert between manual
73,65 €
- 3,68 € e-bankarstvom

Akumulatorski puhač lišća VonHaus 2515068, 20V

- The leaf blower is an ideal helper in arranging lawns, terraces and driveways. Forget about long extensions, this blower is wireless and lightweight so you can walk around freely with it. - Due to the low level of noise and vibration, compact hous
83,47 €
- 4,17 € e-bankarstvom

Akumulatorske škare za živicu VonHaus F-Series 3500191, 12V

Powerful, compact and lightweight VonHaus cordless shrub shears are powered by a 12V MAX 2.0Ah Li-ion battery. - With a fast, 45-cm laser-cut blade operating at 1,400 rpm, it makes all your gardening tasks easier. - The scissors are lightweight a
90,85 €
- 4,54 € e-bankarstvom

Akumulatorski trimer VonHaus G-Series 2500265, 20V

Wired / wireless Wireless Functionality Cutting diameter 250 mm Engine speed 8500 rpm Accessories Safety protection, plant protection, 20V MAX battery Difficult installation YES Safety features Two-stage safety trigger Blade length 25 cm cutti
94,54 €
- 4,73 € e-bankarstvom

Akumulatorske škare za živicu VonHaus G-Series 2515067, 20V

- Free work, without pulling the cord, for tidying up every corner of your garden. - An electric oscillating blade on these VonHaus cordless hedge trimmers will make the arduous gardening task easier. - The scissors are powered by a 20V MAX 1.5ah L
102,00 €
- 5,10 € e-bankarstvom

Akumulatorske teleskopske škare za živicu VonHaus G-Series 2515200, 20V

- The Vonhaus telecopically adjustable cordless shears are perfect for tackling overgrown and hard-to-reach hedges while keeping you safe on the ground. - They are equipped with 45-centimeter double-action laser cut blades and cut branches up to 15
135,00 € (- 10 %)
121,99 €
Promotivna ponuda

Električne škare za živicu VonHaus 2515206, 710W

- With these rotating electric scissors, you will trim your hedge to perfection. - Suitable for pruning shrubs, trees and twigs, wood thickness up to 24mm. - The powerful 61-centimeter steel blades operate at 1,400 rpm and ensure clean and precise
122,84 €
- 6,14 € e-bankarstvom

Električne škare za živicu VonHaus 2500190, 500W

- Strong double 45cm laser cut steel blades effortlessly cut branches up to 20 mm thick - Double support belt for easy carrying and handling - For additional control, the two-stage safety trigger prevents accidental activation Extendable range
132,68 €
- 6,63 € e-bankarstvom

Električni trimer VonHaus F-Series 2515367, 1000W

Turn any overgrown lawn into an attractive, well-kept space with 1000 W 2 in 1 floss and brush. Specifications: Voltage: 230 - 240 V Power: 1000W Weight: 5.6 kg Lawn mower Mowing width: 380 mm Cutting width: 230 mm
135,12 €
- 6,76 € e-bankarstvom

Akumulatorski trimer VonHaus 3500229, 40V

- 40-voltna akumulatorska kosilnica za travo - Nastavljiva teleskopska palica od 96,5 cm do 131,5 cm - Premer rezanja 300 mm z nastavljivo glavo - Lahko ohišje 4,1 kg - 50 minut delovanja brez obremenitve in polnjenje v samo 60 minutah s prilož
184,30 € (- 15 %)
156,99 €
Promotivna ponuda

Akumulatorski trimer Karcher LTR 18-25, 18V

Baterijski trimer za travu LTR 18-25 Battery Set sa svojom uvijenom reznom niti omogućuje maksimalnu preciznost pri košnji trave. Pritom radi pouzdano i iznimno tiho, bez problema dolazi u sve kutove i uska mjesta u vrtu i zahvaljujući funkciji rezan
159,00 €
- 7,95 € e-bankarstvom

Električni kopač VonHaus 2515059, 1050W

Getting your soil ready for the gardening season has never been easier with the help of the VonHaus 1050W Tiller. Armed with 4 robust and sturdy blades, able to turn up soil 22cm deep. The tiller has been designed with efficiency and mobility in m
165,85 €
- 8,29 € e-bankarstvom

Električni prozračivač za travnjak VonHaus 2500191, 1300W

An electric aerator with 1300W of power provides an easy way to loosen the lawn and remove moss and organic debris, thus increasing its visual appeal while promoting healthy lawn growth. With a working width of 32 cm and 4 depth settings (-15
175,69 €
- 8,78 € e-bankarstvom

Električna kosilica VonHaus 2515109, 1500W

With this 2in1 device, lawn care is completely easy. With 1500W of power, you can easily remove moss, dead grass and debris to prevent lawn diseases or improve soil drainage. Dual-purpose drum for easy switching between two interchangeable rollers
178,16 €
- 8,91 € e-bankarstvom

Električne škare za živicu VonHaus 2500263, 460W + električna pila VonHaus, 750W

- Equipped with scissors and a saw, you will be able to effortlessly prune hedges, branches and densely overgrown shrubs. - The hedge trimmer has the advantage of a no-load speed of 1500 rpm, an impressive 460W of capacity and an adjustable cutting
196,59 €
- 9,83 € e-bankarstvom
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